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At Home Acai Bowl

I’m a bit behind on the Acai bowl trend, but still addicted to them none the less.

A local protein and juice bar in my town sells Acai bowls for $12 bucks a piece. I have not been able to recreate their delicious recipes but have been making my own at home for waaayy less!


~one frozen packet organic unsweetened pure Acai from Trader Joes

~half frozen banana 

~1/2 cup frozen blueberries

~1 cup oat milk (or milk of choice, filtered water or apple juice)

run frozen packet under water and break into small pieces. Blend all ingredients above until smooth. I use a Ninja blender. Place in a bowl and put in freezer for maybe ten minutes to harden. This helped to get desired consistency and cooler temperature. Enjoy!


~organic blueberries 

~organic raspberries 

~organic banana sliced

~coconut shavings 

~hemp seeds 

~granola (pictured here is Kashi honey almond crunch)
also great with nuts and dark chocolate 

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